Sebastian Mayrle
        Sebastian Mayrle

(spring 2021)

My main theme of my artistic work is in the field of "free painting" (diploma).


In figurative and abstract painting in a variety of possibilies in color  harmony and shape variations. The compositional aspect of each individual work, in all the differences that my pictures may show, is absolutely important to me. When working through my works in the construction of images, the elaboration of the pictorial space with playful means is just as important to me as the constant pencil sketches and watercolor studies that prepare me for my oil paintings. In the meantime, in my newer oil works, it is already possible with the sketch/drawing with the pointed brush on the canvas. It is a spontaneity and directness that I have developed in my many pencil sketches and have learned to compose my larger works in oil in this way.


Actually, before the drawing element in my work comes the color. I have been developing these since my freelance work, and a typical color spectrum has developed for me, which distinguishes my paintings. I think you can see this very well from my Instagram account: sebastian mayrle, which almost exclusively presents works that put the emphasis on color.

The immediacy between the picture I am painting and what I want, my painting habits, the intended detours or coincidences from which I am inspired and the flows that can creative process, which is connected with many concentration phases in between. Each individual image can have very different effects due these factors. As a result, my works are on the same subject, but can also be seen independently.



Sebastian Mayrle

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