Sebastian Mayrle
        Sebastian Mayrle

Since the beginning of my artistic activity I have  organized several exhibitions.


Some of my solo and group exhibitions:


2020: Atmelos, Limburg Consulting, Düsseldorf - Zoo (se)

2020: blurred visions:focused view, Azaro Artspace Gallery, Hamburg (ge)

2019: `abstract:chillout´, RfK Off-Galerie, Düsseldorf (se)

2018:`Sonne des Südens´, HWL Galerie, Düsseldorf - Pempelfort (se)

2018: parkposition, D - Mitte/KHP - Offroom, Düsseldorf (ge)

2017: FAfM, Düsseldorf, presentation of the annual work (ge)

2016: Stahlhof, Düsseldorf (se)

2013: Café Startklar, Düsseldorf (ge)

2007: Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (se)

2007: SPD Velbert, Velbert (se)

2006: Kunstmuseum Baden, Solingen (ge)

2006: Kultusministerium, Berlin (ge)

2006: Maxhaus, Düsseldorf (ge)


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